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The Only 3 Boat Cleaning Products You Need

There appear to be infinite amounts of products and cleaners available for your boat. From boat soaps, to leather and vinyl cleaners, and even as far as Spider & Bird dropping removers - there is a product for any circumstance. But, do these products really work? Are they necessary?

Throughout over 10 years of Boat Detailing experience, we have come up with the Only 3 Boat Cleaning Products You Need to keep your boat looking cleaned and protected at all times.

These 3 Products Are:

  1. Simple Green

  2. 303 Speed Detailer

  3. 303 Protectant

Let's dive into each - going over the usage, benefits, and reason why we feel these are the "core" cleaners that can handle most situations on your boat.

  1. Simple Green: First of all, Simple Green is considered to be a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaner. Not that is should ever be sprayed into the water or be used to wash your entire boat, but it is safe for interior cleanups on your seats and floor. The only thing to be mindful of with Simple Green and similar degreasers (Dawn, Purple Power etc.) is that they will strip sealants and protectants on your gel-coat, vinyl, and leather. Always follow up with the use of 303 Speed Detailer or 303 Protectant after using Simple Green.

  2. 303 Speed Detailer: If you have your boat waxed annually or semi-annually, 303 Speed Detailer is a great way to extend the lifetime of your sealant. It is excellent for removing water spots, cleaning pollen or bird droppings, and leaves a great shine and finish for gelcoat. Note that 303 Speed Detailer should not be used as the only wax or sealant for your boat, but it is great for topping your sealants off and adding additional UV protection.

  3. 303 Protectant: We use 303 Protectant every time we detail a boat. For new boats that are receiving a clean before delivery, or boats that we have performed a deep clean on, 303 Protectant is always the final product that is left on all vinyl and leather. The amount of benefits that 303 Protectant provides is excellent. Not only does it provide protection for your seats and trim from drying out and discoloring, it also makes messes easier to clean by adding a protective barrier over the material.

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