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Maintenance Detail Program

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Brand New. 
All. Year. Long

Maintenance Detail Program

01. Full Detail & Protection

To start your maintence detail membership season, we will perform a Full Detail to bring your vehicle back to showroom quality. Maintenance program customers will receive 10% Off their first full-detail.

03. Superior Shine & Protection

Following our base detail, we will maintain the Showroom Quality status of your vehicle with the use of Premium Paint Sealants, UV Protectants, and top-quality products so your vehicle stays looking its best, at all times.

02. Discounted, Pre-Scheduled Details

Working around the use of your vehicle, we will schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly details. This avoids long wait times and ensures your vehicle gets exactly the service it needs when it is needed.

Weekly details are 75% Off

Bi-weekly details are 50% Off

Monthly details are 25% Off


Prices are reflected based on your initial interior, exterior, or full detail.

04. Convenience & Cleanup

For your Maintenance Program Details, we will come to you to perform all services. Each time we perform details, we will leave your vehicle ready for your next outing.

Vehicles We Maintain

Choose a Vehicle to Schedule Your Base Detail or Call Us at 603-520-7065 to learn more about our Mobile Detailing Services in the Lakes Region.

Learn more about our Maintenance Detail Program!

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