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Premium Ceramic Coating
Services New Hampshire

Extreme Protection for Auto, Marine, RV & More

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Protect Your Investments with

Ceramic Coatings

System X® Ceramic Coatings

System X® Ceramic Coatings provide the highest level of Protection, Depth of Color, and Gloss for your vehicles. Our coatings are Warrantied for 2-10 Years of Protection (Depending On the Coating of Your Choice) and include a Maintenance Detail. Contact Us to find out which coating is best for Your Vehicle!

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Vehicles We Protect with Ceramic Coatings

Protecting your vehicles with a ceramic coating in New Hampshire is the best way to ensure that your investments are protected against the elements. At Alpha Mobile Detailing, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality Ceramic Coatings on the market to keep your vehicles looking their best, for longer. Browse from Our Ceramic Coating Services below for a Quote Today.

Premium Quality Starts with Professional Grade Products

At Alpha Mobile Detailing, we use System X® Ceramic Coating as the protection of choice for your vehicle. System X® Ceramic Coating is the industry leader in Paint & Gel-Coat Protective Coatings, which allows us to Warranty each and every one of our coatings. Browse from a few of our most popular Ceramic Coating options below.

Why Should I Ceramic Coat my Car, Boat, or RV in New Hampshire?

• Ultimate Protection for your Investments

• Protective Coating can increase the resale value of your vehicle

• Ceramic Coatings provide a noticeable Shine and Depth of Color for your Car, Boat or RV

• Choose from 2-3 Year, 6 Year and 10 Year Ceramic Coatings 

• Protection from Road Salt, Salt Water, Sap, Bugs, Dirt, Grime and so much more

• Extremely hydrophobic properties to repel liquids

• Repels dirt and contaminents from embedding to your car’s clear coat

• Protects from UV rays which oxidize paint

• System X® Ceramic Coatings are added to a your CarFax report and are Warranted Coatings with proper maintenance

Ceramic Coating Service in New Hampshire

Are you looking for reliable, long lasting, and durable protection for your vehicle? Scheduling a detail and having a ceramic coating installed by a top rated detailing company in New Hampshire is your solution. Our customers often ask, what is a ceramic coating and what does it really do to help my vehicle? A ceramic coating is a Premium Coating that covers every inch of your vehicle’s surface, acting as a  barrier between your paint and harmful elements on the road. 

Ceramic coatings act as a sacrificial layer on your car’s surface to protect the paint and clear coat underneath. Ceramic coatings with a 9H level hardness are stronger than the existing clear coat on your paint. Coatings installed by Alpha Mobile Detailing protect against harsh chemicals and contaminants that traditionally would cling to your clear coat, and begin to damage your paint. Due to the fact that ceramic coatings are hydrophobic (Chemically engineered to repel water), your coating makes it easier to remove contaminants, such as road salt, tree sap, dirt, iron decontaminants, brake dust, and more.

Warranty Protection for Ceramic Coatings

We partner with System X® Ceramic Coatings, the leader in the professional ceramic coating industry to offer the top rated products on the market. Our Ceramic coatings last up to 10 Years with proper maintenance and care.  Not only do ceramic coatings leave your car protected, they also add intense levels of gloss and increase the depth of color to your paint. System X® Ceramic Coatings can be applied to paint, glass, plastic trim, windows, rims and can even interior leather and fabrics.

How to Apply Ceramic Coatings

The application process of System X® Ceramic Coatings can only be done by accredited professionals, which is why Alpha Mobile Detailing is certified by System X® Ceramic Coatings. Prior to the coating application on your vehicle, a thorough inspection is done to the existing condition of your paint. We determine the amount of scratches and swirls that currently exist in your paint, and generate a Paint Correction process based off of your paints condition. Simply put, due to the long lasting nature of Ceramic Coatings, your vehicle's paint must be perfect prior to installing!

Why Should You Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

Alpha Mobile Detailing uses the highest rated professional-grade ceramic coatings by System X® Ceramics. The ceramic coating products we offer will transform your vehicle into a protected, and highly reflective surface. The ceramic coating products we offer, which can be applied to the paint, plastic trim, windows, and rims, can even be added on top of paint protection film. Our current offering of System X® Ceramic Coatings have warrantees of 2-3 Years, 6 Years, and 10 Years, depending on the product chosen. The price of a coating will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle’s paint, color, size, and condition. Our ceramic coating services start at $750 for 2-3 Year Ceramic Coatings and can increase to anywhere from $1,500-$2,500 depending on the scope of the project. 

How to Maintain Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your coating. With this, we recommend having your car washed regularly utilizing a paint-safe, pH neutral, hand wash process. Ceramic coatings on your vehicle require at least once a month maintenance. We do not recommend drive through car washes of any kind (Automatic, Touchless, etc.) as the chemicals used and high PSI water system will not only damage your ceramic coating, and your paint, but it will void any Warranty Offered. We offer a free maintenance detail for all of our customers who get a ceramic coating applied by Alpha Mobile Detailing to get you started.


We recommend you to wash the car regularly for proper maintenance (Alpha Mobile Detailing provides exterior and interior detailing services, check them out here!)

We do not recommend you take your car through a tunnel car wash system as it will put swirl marks on the coating and void the warranty. We offer a free, one-on-one wash instruction for all customers who get a ceramic coating applied by Alpha Mobile Detailing.

How to Install Ceramic Coatings

When the correction process has been finalized, our Alpha Mobile Detailing technicians will applySystem X® Ceramic Coating by hand with a microfiber applicator pad. Ceramic Coatings by System X® Ceramic Coatings take 6 Hours to fully cure, so it is vital to the coating that the vehicle remains untouched for this time.

Alpha Mobile Detailing Annual Inspections and Coating Warranty

An annual inspection must be carried out by a member of Alpha Mobile Detailing, within 30 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service, in order to maintain the warranty on your ceramic coating. Failure to schedule an annual inspection with an Approved Installer, within the required period, will void the warranty from System X® Ceramic Coatings. We offer Maintenance Details as a part of our Annual Inspections for a  $150. This service includes the necessary upkeep required for your coating, including an – Exterior Wash, Decontamination, Application of Topcoat, and Inspection. 

Why Should I Ceramic Coat my Car, Boat, or RV in New Hampshire?

• 2-3 Year, 6 Year and 10 Year Ceramic Coatings 

• Protect against salt, water spotting, sap, and bugs from clinging to your paints surgace

• Extreme hydrophobic properties to repel liquids

• Repels dirt and contaminents from embedding to your car’s clear coat

• Extreme gloss and depth of color 

• Can increase the resale value of your vehicle by adding a protective coating 

• Protects from UV rays which oxidize paint

• System X® Ceramic Coatings are added to a your CarFax report and are Warranted Coatings with proper maintenance

Are you looking for professional ceramic coating services in New Hampshire?

We ceramic coat all sorts of vehicles in New Hampshire with System X® Ceramic Coatings. The final price of services will depend on the current condition of the vehicle’s paint or gel coat, as well as the size of the vehicle. Our Ceramic Coating Packages currently start at $849 for Cars and can increase significantly depending on the size and scale of the project.

For any questions about Ceramic Coatings in New Hampshire, or to schedule a detail, contact us at

603-455-0930 for more information.

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