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Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule a detail?
    To schedule a detail, all you need to do is click here to book online, or give us a call at 603-520-7065!
  • How long does it take to have my boat, car, or RV detailed?
    The current condition of your vehicle and the services you are looking for will determine how long it takes to detail your boat, car, or RV. For basic services, such as a Wash and Wax, here are some time estimates: Boat: 4 Hours Car: 2.5 hours RV: 4 Hours
  • What is Your Service Area?
    Our Mobile Detailing headquarters is located in Central New Hampshire, and our main service area is in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. However, depending on the project at hand, we have the ability to travel across New Hampshire to complete your detail.
  • What is included in an Exterior Detail?
    The extent of Exterior Details can be broken down by the condition of your paint or gel-coat. For vehicles that are like new (no fading, oxidation, or scratches) an Exterior Detail will consist of a Full Exterior Wash, Wheel & Tire Cleaning and Dressing, Exterior Windows Cleaning, and a UV Protectant. For vehicles with paint or gel-coat defects, the project may include additional steps such as wet sanding, buffing, and polishing in order to achieve the desired results.
  • What is included in an Interior Detail?
    For basic interior details, here is what you can expect: Cars: Carpets & Floor Mats Shampoo, Double Vacuum, Dash Cleaning, Seat Cleaning, Cup Holder Cleaning, Window Cleaning, and all surfaces (Plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Rubber) treated with a UV Protected. Boats: Carpets Removed and Vacuumed, Full Interior Wash, Compartments & Seat Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Dashboard Cleaning, and all surfaces (Plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Rubber and Gel Coat) treated with a UV Protectant.
  • Cancellations & Refunds
    If you cancel before 48 Hours you will not be charged a Cancellation fee. If you cancel within 48 Hours, you are subject to our cancellation fee dependent on the size of the project at hand.
  • Is Alpha Mobile Detailing Licensed and Insured?
    Yes! Alpha has been in business since 2020 and holds all state-required licensing and insurance coverage.
  • What forms of Payment do you Accept?
    We accept payment in the form of cash, checks, and credit cards from all major carriers.
  • What kind of products and equipment do you use?
    We use premium quality products and equipment on all of our details. Our products and supplies differ depending on the job, but we prioritize using Eco-Friendly products to ensure we are keeping our environment free from harsh chemicals.
  • Can You Detail my Boat at my Marina?
    We have close relationships with many marinas in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire where we may be able to detail at your marina. Due to the fact that some marinas have detailers in-house or have existing relationships with other detailing companies, we may not be able to complete your detail on the marina property. However, do not hesitate to Contact Us as we will try our best to find a solution. We can ALWAYS detail your boat at your home, dock, or other mobile location with water and electricity!

Have more questions? Give us a call at (603)-520-7065

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