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How to Maintain Your Boat After a Detail

You've just had your boat professionally detailed and it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. Is there anything better? We don't think so.

In order to maintain the shine and protection that your boat has just received, there are a few "Dos and Don'ts" that you, as a boat owner, should follow for Post Detail Care.

At Alpha Waterfront Services, we provide all of our customers with our own Post Detail care sheet. The guidelines in this sheet outline how to take care of your boat after it has been professionally detailed.

How to Maintain Your Boat After a Detail:

Now that your boat has been detailed and protected, it is crucial to maintain your coating correctly in order to get the most protection and shine from your sealant. Unprotected Gel-Coat, Leather, and Vinyl can be damaged by UV Rays. For reference, a properly maintained sealant will last a maximum of 6 Months.


  • Using general soaps and degreasers like Dawn or Simple Green will break down your wax, leaving your gel-coat vulnerable to damage from UV Rays. We utilize Starke Yacht Care products, and recommend purchasing their soaps that are designed to work with their waxes.

    • We recommend the soaps “Pure Clean” which is safe to use on wax or “Ultra Clean” which will add a slight protective topper to your wax. If you’d like to go even a step further, you can get an additional spray on topper called “Replenish” for added shine enhancement.

    • If you elect to use another brand, ensure it is a PH Neutral soap and safe on waxes.

  • When cleaning your leather or vinyl, it is crucial to protect after these materials have been in contact with soaps or chemicals. UV Rays will damage unprotected leather and vinyl.

    • We use 303 Protectant on all leather and vinyl surfaces after cleaning

Maintenance Boat Wash Process:

  1. Fill bucket with PH Neutral soap and water.

  2. Rinse boat with water.

  3. Use either a wash mitt or a very soft bristle brush to scrub the boat.

  4. Dry the whole boat to avoid water marks.

  5. Add your Replenish Spray or Speed Detailer to Gel-Coat for enhanced shine and protection.

  6. Add your 303 Protectant to Leather and Vinyl for UV Protection.

Contact Us to Learn About our Maintenance Detail Program to keep your boat looking BRAND NEW - All. Summer. Long!


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