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How Much Does it Cost to Detail a Boat?

As a boat detailing company located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, one of the most common (and important!) questions we are asked by customers, friends, and family is "How Much Does it Cost to Detail a Boat?"

When understanding and trying to calculate how much it costs to have your boat detailed, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration. So, before calculating the cost of having your boat detailed, answer these 3 questions:

Before and After Boat Detail
This 2002 Cobalt received a 7 Step Detail to bring its gel coat back to life consisting of a 2 Step Wet Sand, 2 Step Buff, 2 Step Polish, and a Polymer Sealant.

1. How old or new is your boat?

Depending on your boat's age and condition, there will be a significant difference on the price of your boat detail. This is due to the condition of your paint or gel coat, along with the level of oxidation that is within your gel coat. Oxidation is the fading and dullness that is seen in the boat above, which prohibits the boat to shine and retain its natural color. Oxidation occurs from extended exposure to UV rays without proper protection. Boats that are newer and have zero to low amounts of oxidation will require less attention.

2. How often do you have your boat cleaned or detailed?

Depending on how often you have your boat cleaned or detailed will continue to determine the price of your detail. If you have your boat detailed on a routine basis, regardless of its age, if your boat is without scratches, oxidation, etc. you will likely be subject to a basic cleaning or wash and wax. On the contrary, if your boat has not been taken care of in years, there will be steps of correction needed in order to bring your interior and exterior back to its desired condition.

3. What do you want your boat to look like after this detail?

Regardless of the age of your boat and how often you have it detailed, the end product that you are desiring for your boat will continue to determine the price of your boat detail. If you are simply looking for your boat to be clean, not necessarily protected or shining, you likely will benefit from an interior and exterior wash. However, if you have the desire for your boat to look Brand New as it once did, the steps required will produce a higher price for the detail, but will provide a long term solution and a better end result.

As a professional boat detailing company in New Hampshire, we dictate our pricing based on the number of steps required to properly clean, revive, and protect your boat. When referring to “steps” we are talking about the number of passes performed while Wet Sanding, Buffing, Polishing, or Waxing. The 3 Questions we answered prior will determine the number of steps required, and thus, the final price of your detail.

Depending on your location, the size and condition of your boat, and the services you are looking for, here is an average pricing break down per foot of detailing a boat based on current industry standards. (Note: These are not our prices, but reflect the standards for detailing companies across the US. These prices can vary significantly.)

Basic Wash & Wax

$15-25 per foot

2 Step Polish & Wax

$30-35 per foot

3 Step Buff, Polish & Wax

$45-50 per foot

4 Step Wet Sand, Buff, Polish & Wax

$60-70 per foot

​5 Step Wet Sand x2, Buff, Polish & Wax

$85-100 per foot

For example, if you are the owner of a 24 ft Bow Rider, here is how this pricing would translate.

Basic Wash & Wax

$360 to $600

2 Step Polish & Wax

$720 to $840

3 Step Buff, Polish & Wax

$1080 to $1200

4 Step Wet Sand, Buff, Polish & Wax

$1440 to $1680

5 Step Wet Sand x2, Buff, Polish & Wax

$2040 to $2400

Alpha Waterfront Services proudly provides Mobile Boat Detailing for New Hampshire, performing services including interior detailing, exterior detailing, pontoon boat detailing, wash and wax packages, and more. Visit us at or @alphawaterfrontservices to learn more!


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